Hair Care


• Co-wash hair before installation

• Seal wefts with a weft sealant before installation to ensure longevity

• Use over and out method when installing hair

• Always use a heat protectant before using heated styling tools

• Condition hair at least once a week

• Shampoo hair every 14 days with a mild, sulfate-free shampoo

• Spay lightly with an antibacterial weave spray once a day

• Let hair air-dry, do not braid or twist while wet

• Always comb/detangle hair from ends to roots. Be gentle

• Comb/detangle hair before going to bed and when you wake up everyday

• Use wide-tooth comb or weave brush for detangling

• Put hair in a high ponytail, twist, or braid and wrap in a satin scarf or bonnet every night



• Cut wefts unless absolutely necessary, to avoid shedding 

• Sew through your wefts

• Use box dyes to color hair (COLOR HAIR AT YOUR OWN RISK)

• Use excessive oil products on hair (curly/deep hair will start matting) 



• Detangle hair only when wet

• Use a leave in conditioner and water mix to help keep curls and moisture.

• Scrunch hair gently when wet to enhance curls

• Use a DAILY curling cream to help with moisture, shedding, tangles, and interlocking of curls


Raw Hair

• Detangle hair before co-washing or shampooing

• Keep hair moisturized with coconut or olive oil

• Comb out regularly, when fully wet or saturated with a conditioner



• Be gentle with hair piece

• Hold hair with your hand at the roots when combing or brushing hair piece



• Detangle before washing unit

• Flip unit inside out to wash

• Wash in cold water